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Demo Day is a seminal event at KIBU showcasing the output of the 6-month Talent program. With the 5th edition this year, we present the innovations brought to life by 4 collectives (Allegro, Atmo, Glob, Inspire) and dedicate the whole evening to their pitches, demo videos and prototypes.  

A t m o

Veteran dice-and-card board games made a spectacular comeback in the last decade in the gaming industry, with bloggers attributing it as a ‘detox’ for the generation socialized on Playstation. If the positive protective force – towards the set of objects of a bygone cultural momentum – has pointed towards something stereotypically conceived as ‘hipsterdom’, now with this trend it breaks out from the ghetto of subcultures and becomes a phenomenon on its own. Included those youngsters whose primary experiences come from the screens. Age-old community games leap into a “golden age”, as some kind of an anti-trend to the electronic games developed mostly for single players by the 2000. Since then, sale rates for boardgames show unprecedented increase (in 2014 by 20%) that signals how situated presence, tangibility, rituals or community bonding are again the ‘next big thing’.

G l o b

The moral dimension of the human-machine interaction is one of the cornerstones of the technological innovation today. The principles formulated by Asimov in 1942 – the three plus one points that laid the grounds for robo-ethics – had treated machines as subservient to the human will. More recently, the technological forefront tends to sidetrack this modernist vision as the impacts of artificial intelligence, deep learning, cognitive science or the semantic web is increasingly on the path towards producing autonomous machines bypassing human decision making.The design of GLOB preserves the human-centered approach as far as the technical prosthesis what the robot offers (to enhance our hearing and seeing) is masqueraded as a robo-pet.

I n s p i r e

Sharing knowledge, opinion or even early stage ideas is of crucial importance within the domain of corporate communication. As a fundamental organizational principle, the corporation (‘united in one body’) treats many brains and bodies as an entity in coalescence in order to have the same grounds for achieving common goals. Brainstorming activity derived from corporate culture is one of the most popular tactics to channel communication and offer free flow for uncensored thoughts at the same time. The method was also successfully adapted with freelancers who work remotely or separately on project-based temporary collaborations. Tracking the progress of ideas (brainwriting), record random associations (mind map) or sketch up a tableaux of sensual visuals (mood board) are ample means to back up the ideation of both individual projects and creative group work. Inspire offers a platform for documenting these workflows, while it also adapts a kind of technological uniform to the thought patterns without chaining it to an exclusive media. The collaborative application supports remote work via the integrated chat feature that enables synchronicity in the peer-to-peer communication. Inspire references hyperlinks from various multimedia or social media platforms (video, audio, maps, texts, charts) and embeds them with a united design frame.

A l l e g r o

Technological innovations challenge also the conservative sectors in the industry, and the world of classical music is not an exception. Progressive solutions already appear in this niche market regularly, that claims easier and simpler know-how for the players in this scene. Allegro aims to break into a yet unconquered field: the market of the studio recordings of symphonic bands by offering solutions to numerous problems that burdens its everyday routines. The thousands of papers printed and wasted every end of the day or the pauses in recordings due to the manual handling of paper-based music sheets, just to mention some problem areas that needs to be reformulated. Without digitalization and interactive displays it’s a waste of money and a certain death of rainforest.