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Do you have a background in film, games, interactive media, theatre or consider yourself already an interdisciplinary artist? Are you thinking about using virtual- and/or augmented reality technologies in your next project and have questions about how to proceed? Do you have a mixed reality experience concept that you would like to develop further?
This pressure cooker brainstorm, coached by Joris Weijdom, is intended to help you make the next step by sharing your ideas and brainstorm with others in a fast-paced and structured set of collaborative exercises and feedback sessions. Three project ideas coming from the participants will be chosen to serve as case-studies for the session.

The duration of the session will be 2 hours and takes place on Sunday, 23 October, 14-16:00 at KUBIK Coworking office (1137, Budapest, Jászai Mari tér 5-6.)

Please send an 300 word outline of your project idea, concept or
professional questions in the context of a mixed reality experience. Also formulate briefly your motivation to participate and your expectations for this session. 

Please send your concept to the following email adress:
Deadline: 21rd October, 2016.

The workshop will be held in english and the participation is free.

Bio of Joris Weijdom
Joris Weijdom (NL) is a researcher and designer of theatrical experiences using mixed reality technology. He is the founder of the Media and Performance Laboratory (MAPLAB) which enabled from 2012 untill 2015 practise led artistic research on the intersection of performance, media and technology. He works as a researcher at the Research Centre Performative Processes and teaches at several BA and MA courses at the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht. 
Joris is always looking for the ‘inter’ in everything: inter-disciplinarity, inter-connectivity, inter-action and inter-faces. He learned from experience that sharing ideas and concepts through ‘sketching’ in an interactive mixed-reality environment is a powerful and effective approach for creative research, design and development. Being able to quickly manifest ideas through interactive spatial prototypes stimulates experimentation and possibly true innovation.

About Reality Research Festival
Reality Research Festival 2k16 (21-27 October) is a concerted effort by non-profit cultural organizations to map and dissect contemporary concepts of reality.
The festival investigates how the new technologies inserted between the zones of sensation and consciousness affect our perception and grasp of the surrounding world, what happens when AR, VR or MR technologies set the benchmarks for reality.