The moral dimension of the human-machine interaction is one of the cornerstones of the technological innovation today. The principles formulated by Asimov in 1942 – the three plus one points that laid the grounds for robo-ethics – had treated machines as subservient to the human will. More recently, the technological forefront tends to sidetrack this modernist vision as the impacts of artificial intelligence, deep learning, cognitive science or the semantic web is increasingly on the path towards producing autonomous machines bypassing human decision making.The design of GLOB preserves the human-centered approach as far as the technical prosthesis what the robot offers (to enhance our hearing and seeing) is masqueraded as a robo-pet.

As a practice, military technology forms the avant-garde of robotics, however, the civil sector also enjoys some of its benefits through computer-programmed, smart domestic devices (to whom we outsource dull or dirty household chores). More often than not, these developments call to life a specific breed of techno-bestiary, when four-legged or caterpillar-y, hybrid animals are created with an increased potentiality. Next to the ones designed for specific military operations (Big Dog, Cheetach, Sand Flea, RISE six-legged robot-cockroach or the LS3 robot-dog just to name a few), others for personal use also appeared on the market (like the notorious AIBO by Sony or the emoticon-faced Zenbo by Asus). When it gets down to affections between humans and other intelligent beings, curious cases can hit their heads, just think of the Roomba vacuum cleaner robot becoming a domestic sweetheart for the many. GLOB also plays out this challenge: a “partner” with intelligent features, who is expected to be with us in the everydays. Rising beyond the Tamagochi mania of the ‘90s, today’s crave for robotic or virtual pets seemed to mature: we don’t feed them anymore, instead, they care about our needs.


Glob is a personal robot that is enabled to make and receive calls and voice messages, to play music and has an integrated alarm clock function. It follows its tasker via infra signal. The coating is made up of exchangeable panels so in the long run, the core mechanics can be extended with a long-lasting accumulator, a camera and a Home Protect feature.

– following function
– voice control
– external loudspeaker
– home-security


“The aim of any technological development is to make something simpler. We expect to see what mobile phones did with communication now in relation to equipments and domestic spaces. Smart in-home devices will boost a huge trend in the coming years like intelligent refrigerator, or the food replicator from Star Trek will become a reality.” – Roli

Within a few years, robots and gadgets will be available for everyone, they will take over our to-do-lists, team up with us like partners and based on analysing our habits, they will guess what we need.” – Roli