This is the platform to develop the next generation of robotics with the power of an enthusiast community. A shared, effective development platform will be available worldwide to solve the big robotics AI challenges together. 

There is a boom in Artificial Intelligence (AI) research and there are more and more use cases are available for everybody. I am a mechatronical engineer so I saw at the University the lack of AI teaching at the field of robotics. I tried many sites to learn it and succeeded on Udacity which is an online learning platform and OpenAI gym which is a sandbox for learning AI. What I missed that there is no online platform to really cooperate on a problem independent from place and nation. And also there is no real robots that people can try online. There is HUGE difference between an online simulation and a real-life application in case of robotics. Also the limited resource of a real-life robot is kind of a big challenge which researchers needs to work around.

The idea is to create a platform where people can learn, work and research robotic AI together online. Not just sharing the results of a problem but developing and connecting different part of the solutions to achieve together a better result. Simulations or a real-life robots (with limited resource: 24/7) will be shared online. Universities and online learning platforms or developer companies then can utilize this for extend their courses and training by using this platform. A possible path to solve a real life problem: try and learn how the real robot works -> simulate -> learn and develop a solution on the simulation -> try it on the real life robot. Like when a child finds a new toy like a bubble blower, plays with it and fails, figures out how it works, then blows bubbles greater and greater. There are also many subtle parts of a process like this that people can work on together, sharing, connecting and using their results. For example: image processing.