Nemundir was born out of the need to define the first hybrid boardgame that addresses the fans of traditional tabletop roleplay games as well as the older generation of gamers. The prototype is based on the Nemundir game mechanics, a system released in 2007 and redefined for hybrid roleplaying.

In the last years Nemundir has attracted major following in Hungary with a strong active fandom community around it. After the release of the founding book, an additional feature followed in 2010: the applications widened the perspectives with groundbreaking results also in the international league. 

The application not only facilitates the gameplay, but also enables players to access the books whenever and wherever. Players are also offered to tell the stories of their fantasy characters on their own profile or share them with other players.

The game comprises of three parts: the rulebook, the mobile application for players and desktop application for storytellers. The applications are connected through the web and offers all the significant elements for an easy gameflow.

Hybrid roleplays can efficiently blend the community spirit of classic tabletop games and the seamless user experience of digital platforms.