Automation is a machinic performance that mimicks living processes. It maps the logical and functional succession of human/organic task management in order to analyse, break down and replicate them individually in a chain of orders. Automation is a formalized and rationalized operation that calculates with a predetermined outcome in the end of the equation. To put it in an other way, the essence of automation is to make something happens by itself.

With the rapidly developing fields of computer vision, image processing, artificial intelligence and algorithmic decision-making, robots (autonomous agents) are increasingly co-opted in a wide range of industries. Chain-smoking robots in laboratories and self-driving cars on the roads fill in the place for biological entities, thus revolutionizing workflows as we knew it.

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Team FW is a group of four engineers specialized in mechatronics, whose primary goal is to win the 2016 Advanced Robotics Challenge that takes place in New Delhi, India. The competition prescribed the application of a standardized kit of metal construction pieces with a free run on electronic and logistic support. The automated line of action for a machine that bowls alone stands on the ground of various fields of research like visual programming, image processing and analysis, computer vision, hardware and electronic development.

Chain of actions
Robot sets off from the base
Calibrates colour and light detection
Orients according to signs of the plane
Grabs the bowling ball
Zooms at the target
Analyzes target
Opts for the optimal transport protocol


“A massive range of industrial automation is based on similar things that we do, like self-driving cars to name one instance. Naturally, it’s an incommensurably complex process, but is underpinned by the same methods and ideas. As computer vision and automation are on a positive curve, plenty of industrial models can be conceived on this knowledge.” Ricsi