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A Demo Day a KiBu visszatérő showcase eseménye. Kétszer egy évben a világ elé tárjuk, milyen prototípusok születtek a Next Generation programjainkból (Talent, Lift) és milyen projekteken dolgozik állandó csapatunk. Az utóbbi 6 hónap eredményeit (prototípusok, szoftverek vagy éppen egy folyamatalapú ökoprojekt) az ötletgazdák mutatják be, így a Demo Day egyedülálló esemény a hazai innovatív teljesítmények felmérésére. 

Moon of Doom by Devil Cow Studio
You're an astronaut and your ship crashes on a neon colored alien planet, teeming with aggressive lifeforms. Premier VR game developed by Devil Cow Studio for HTC Vive.

Orion City by Devil Cow Studios
Orion City is a superhero-themed indie game. OC inventively combines dynamic, entertaining gameplay with strategic thinking known from classic MOBA games.

Healium Lightformer by Healium Decoration
Healium Decoration is engaged with light technology, video projection and stage effects. The team now releases its proprietary software that offers a new perspective in real-time 3D light control.

Atmo 2.0 by Zsiga Bálint, Bálint Gábor
Atmo is a digital board game console that augments natural physical interactions (dice, cards and figures) with animations and light.

Punchkeyboard by Ravasz Jonathan
Punchkeyboard is an open-source text input interface for virtual reality technology. The keyboard is enhanced with autocomplete algorithm and next word prediction features.

G.O.M.B.A. by Daniel Parnitzke
Grow your Own Mushroom-Based Alternatives. Gomba enables people to use basic concepts of mushroom cultivation for environmental friendly material alternatives and usages.

Cycle by Mátyás Dóra
Cycle is an interactive VR experience, that consists of spaces. Each space represents a special atmosphere and you can travel between these spaces like fluctuating between feelings. You can trigger these events by looking at objects or interacting with the surroundings using the controllers.